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Magellan Complete Care


TTY 711


To see a list of services covered by all plans, go to Basic health benefits.

Adult dental and vision
  • 2 dental exams and cleanings and 1 set of x-rays each year ($1,500 year limit)
  • $150 for glasses or contact lenses every 2 years
Healthy moms and kids
  • Pregnancy self-management incentives and mobile tools
  • Support after a home placement for foster children
  • Child weight loss support
Phone and online tools
  • Free smartphone with 350 minutes, 1 GB of data and unlimited texts each month
Wellness programs
  • Healthy Rewards gift card program up to $50
  • Mobile app to help quit smoking
  • Web tool to improve anxiety, insomnia and depression
Other benefits
  • Fresh meals delivered to your home after hospital stay
  • $1,500 toward special services for children on the autism spectrum