Introducing Cardinal Care: Your New Medicaid Program

Cardinal Care logo

The Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) rebranded Virginia’s Medicaid program as Cardinal Care.  All managed care and fee-for-service Medicaid members will automatically be part of Cardinal Care.  Cardinal Care, Virginia’s Medicaid Program, will continue to offer members the same health care services and will not reduce or change any existing coverage.

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Welcome CCC Plus and Medallion Members

Medicaid members enrolled in Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus (CCC Plus) and Medallion use this website, VirginiaManagedCare.com to choose a health plan, learn about benefits, and find in-network providers. Members can also use the free mobile app. To get the app, search for Virginia Medallion on Google Play or the App Store.

All members can call us at 1-800-643-2273 (TTY: 1-800-817-6608). We are open from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Attention Former Virginia Premier Members

Virginia Premier became part of Optima Health on July 1, 2023.  Virginia Premier members were automatically enrolled into Optima Health. If you were a Virginia Premier member, you have until September 30, 2023 to choose a different health plan. For help choosing a plan, call us at 1-800-643-2273 (TTY: 1-800-817-6608).

Bon Secours may become out-of-network on October 1, 2023 for Anthem members

Starting October 1, Anthem members who have not changed to a new health plan will no longer have access to Bon Secours providers and facilities unless Anthem has approved “Continuity of Care.”

What you can do:

  • To ask for Continuity of Care if you have a Bon Secours provider, call Anthem before October 1. Conditions such as pregnancy or care for chronic or complex illnesses may qualify for Continuity of Care.
  • To keep your Bon Secours providers and facilities, start a “Change for Cause” to a join a new health plan. Bon Secours works with all other Cardinal Care health plans, so you can keep your Bon Secours providers in a new plan. To change your health plan, call us at 1-800-643-2273.

If you are a FAMIS member and received a notification from Anthem in reference to the Bon Secours changes, then please contact Cover Virginia at 1-855-242-8282. Cover Virginia will assist you if you have any questions or would like to choose another plan.

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is the time when you may change your health plan for any reason. Your open enrollment dates depend on the region where you live.

The next open enrollment dates are:

Charlottesville/Western Halifax region
August 19, 2023 – October 31, 2023

Southwest region
December 19, 2023 – February 28, 2024

Roanoke/Allegheny region
December 19, 2023 – February 28, 2024